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Carole Baskin Makeup Tutorial

If Carole Baskin Was a Beauty Guru, Her Videos Might Look a Little Something Like This

Have you ever wondered what Carole Baskin would be like if she was a beauty guru? No? Me neither, but that doesn't make this parody video of her any less funny. After Tiger King made its wild (no pun intended) debut on Netflix in March, we saw everything from crazy memes about the show to Joe Exotic cosplay on almost every corner of social media, so it should come as no surprise that people on the internet are now paying homage to Baskin, the other star of the show.

For context, Baskin is as an animal-rights activist who was featured on the show because of her long-standing feud with Joe Exotic, and her rise to fame over the last month is what inspired beauty vlogger Jaime French to create a fake makeup tutorial impersonating the internet sensation. In the video, French channels the Tiger King star by styling her hair in beachy waves and wearing a pearl necklace around her head, all while adopting Baskin's monotone demeanour.

"Makeup really makes me feel like the prettiest kitty in town, and so I figured I'd show you my stuff," she starts. The video only gets more ridiculous from there, as French goes on to put sardine oil in her hair, use even more sardine oil as a facial mist, and make enough cat puns to last us all a lifetime. Watch the full video above for a laugh.

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