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17 Celebrities Who Have Admitted to Getting Plastic Surgery

17 Celebrities Who Have Got Real About Plastic Surgery

17 Celebrities Who Have Admitted to Getting Plastic Surgery

In 2021, especially compared to a decade ago, many more celebrities are willing to share their experiences with plastic surgery. Khloé Kardashian, for example, finally addressed rumours that she'd gotten plastic surgery during the recent Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion special after years of speculation from fans. According to the reality star, she's only had one nose job, but she definitely wouldn't be the only celebrity to go under the knife and open up about it later.

Thankfully as the years have gone by, the public's perception of plastic surgery has shifted. Since going under the knife isn't solely looked at as an activity for the rich and vain anymore, and rather as a personal choice that anybody should be able to decide, celebrities have been a lot more forthcoming about the work they've had done, whether it's breast augmentations, nose jobs, or just a few injectables here and there.

Read ahead to see which celebrities have gotten real about plastic surgery.

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