A Peek Into Cheer’s Morgan Simianer’s Navarro Beauty Routine

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The Navarro Cheer team prepare all year for their shot at the national championship at Dayton. The Netflix original docuseries "Cheer" shows just about everything that goes into the prep work — long hours practicing, early morning call times, blood, sweat, tears, and so on. The only thing they don't show is the extensive beauty prep that goes into getting competition-ready, but that also requires a huge amount of time and effort.

Before the team can step onto the mat at Daytona, there are a few things — proximately two hours' worth of things, actually — that they have to do to get the "Navarro look," as they like to call it. "When we are competing, there is a whole routine that I do," Morgan Simianer, Narravo flyer/tumbler, tells POPSUGAR.

Keep reading to find out exactly what Simianer uses in her beauty routine for competitions.

The Secret to the Navarro Hairstyle

As mentioned in season two, the Navarro hairstyle is an iconic symbol of the prestigious team. It involves big, teased curls styled in a half-up half-down look with the signature poof in the front. "It's something that Navarro has done for a while," says Simianer. "For me, it became a superstition when I was still cheering to make sure my hair was perfect and I felt right."

The hairstyle itself predates any of the team members featured on Netflix's series and Simianer says it was just "something that we always did."


That signature half-up half-down hairstyle was the first thing Simianer did to get ready. She would even start it the night before by curling her hair with the Conair Instant Heat 1 1/2-Inch Curling Iron which sadly isn't available in the UK, but something like the She'd secure the ponytail in place with hair ties, like the BaByliss PRO Ceramic Dial-a-Heat Tong (£37.50) is a similar match Scunci No-Damage Comfortable Black Hair Ties (£7), and tease the top for more volume.

If she was lucky, she and the other girls would get help from teammate Austin Bayles. "He would always do our hair because he would do it better than we could."


The Secret to the Navarro Makeup Look

The Navarro cheer team wants the judges to be able to see their faces on the mat from where they sit in their tent. Although the full face of makeup they wear often took an hour to complete, they hardly ever dreaded applying it. "If you think you look good, then you feel good, then you're going to do good," says Simianer. "In Daytona, I was up early, [I] had nerves. I was like, 'I have two and half hours to get my makeup and my hair done. . . You need to make yourself feel confident.'"


For her base, she used the Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Filter Foundation (£13) and the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (£20). Bronzer was the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer (£27) and for highlighter, she'd brush an old compact of the now discontinued Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in "Pearl" onto her temples.


Eyes and lips were arguably the most important part of the look. Her favourite eyelashes were the Kiss So Wispy Lashes #01 (£5). "Those were the only ones I would use," Simianer says. "If I did not have the 01's, it just felt like an off day." She was equally particular about her bottom mascara — without it, she says she felt naked. The Too Faced Better Than Sex Volumizing Mascara (£24) was her product of choice. "I would use the waterproof one because I'd get emotional and cry because I'm competing."

For eyeshadow, the entire team used the Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette (£45) to do a smoky or natural-looking, brown-toned eye look. They'd often share palettes when they forgot their own (something they were always told not to do for hygiene purposes, she recalls). "I was never good at eyeshadow, so I would always make Gabi do my eyeshadow for me," says Simianer.


The finishing touch was the lipstick — the Kylie Cosmetics Bite Me Matte Lip Kit (£26), to be specific — which was her favourite because of its long-wearing abilities. "Once you had your hair and makeup done and you are putting on your lipstick as the final touch, it was go-time from that point on," she said. "You were ready for action. You had so much adrenaline built up, you're like, 'I'm ready. Let's go.'"