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Chrissy Teigen Brought Back the "Rachel" Haircut and Colour

Chrissy Teigen Got the Famous "Rachel" Haircut, and It Made Us Do a Double Take

Getting the "Rachel" haircut à la Jennifer Aniston from Friends was the thing to do in the late '90s and early 2000s — you either got it yourself or knew someone else who did — but Chrissy Teigen just gave it a new breath of life for 2020. On Dec. 12, Teigen posted a video on Instagram showing off her new haircut and colour, courtesy of celebrity stylist Tracey Cunningham. She captioned it: "New hair who this, it's me obviously i don't get it."

But we're not the only ones who see the resemblance between Teigen and Rachel Green's famous style — a ton of people commented on the video to remark on the similarities. One fan wrote, "Giving me early 90s Rachel cut," while another said, "The Rachel is timeless." Someone asked, "Are you bringing back the Rachel?"

Staying true to the classic Rachel cut, Teigen's new hairstyle is medium in length with face-framing layers and chunky light-brown and blond highlights that contrast with her cinnamon-brown hair colour. However, unlike the original Rachel cut, Teigen's hair doesn't have flipped-under ends, making it feel fresh and updated. As big Aniston fans, we have no issues with the Rachel haircut making a return.

Image Source: Getty / David Crotty
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