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21 Best Crown-Braid Hairstyle Ideas and Inspiration Photos

21 Crown-Braid Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

21 Best Crown-Braid Hairstyle Ideas and Inspiration Photos

The confidence that comes from wearing a crown is unparalleled — why else would royalty carry on this tradition for centuries or the tiara hair accessory make its way to every occasion from quinceañeras to bachelorette parties? Still, there's an easier way to emulate the look without channelling your inner Queen Elizabeth: with a crown-braid hairstyle.

This style — also sometimes called the halo braid — features braids that wrap around your head like a crown. It has been worn by women in Medieval times, celebrities on the red carpet, brides on their wedding day, and anyone who wants to look chic while staying cool at the same time. The best part? Crown braids can be done on any hair texture or length, with a variety of different techniques.

One way to master this look is by french braiding your hair from the nape of your neck upward. Start by parting your hair down the middle, then gathering a section of three strands near your neck. Tilt your head forward (to make it easier on your arms), and french braid your hair up toward your ear. Keep braiding over your ear and across the top of your head, leading down toward your other ear. Finish braiding all the way down, then secure with an elastic. Afterward, wrap the tail end of the brain back around the top of your head to make the crown braid thicker, and secure with bobby pins.

It can also be worn with your hair half down, with loose tendrils spilling out, with flowers or jewels woven into the braid, or as a protective hairstyle. The point is: the crown braid is such a versatile style, you can wear it for formal events like weddings and for casual dinners with friends. Ready to feel inspired? Keep scrolling for photos of our favourite takes on the crown-braid hairstyle.

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