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dark circles under-eye bags

The Eyes Have It

Under-eye dark circles are getting a lot of attention recently - mine are currently extra-stormy due to a dose of prolonged jet lag. Talk about excess baggage. Meanwhile, The New York Times recently reported that they're becoming a growing concern - apparently roughly 53 percent of the 13,000 Clinique users surveyed by the company cited under-eye circles and puffiness as their number one beauty concern.

Superficially, dark circles can be a sign of tiredness, but if you're getting plenty of shut eye, then it's most likely hereditary. You're also more likely to be afflicted if you have African-American, Southern Italian or Southeast Asian skin - plus sunbathing only makes the problem worse. The remedy? Well so far despite cosmetic companies spending billions of pounds on creams and under-eye gels there's still no evidence to suggest that these can banish the under-eye dread. Anecdotally, though I've heard that Clinique All About Eyes (£20) is fantastic, and as far as makeup cover-ups are concerned nothing beats YSL's Touche Eclat (£22.50) in my eyes. Or under them...


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