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Emma Chamberlain Got 8 Tattoos in a Day

Emma Chamberlain Got 8 Tattoos in a Single Sitting

Emma Chamberlain Got 8 Tattoos in a Day
Image Source: Getty / Arturo Holmes

Emma Chamberlain went from having a few tattoos to ten in a single day. The bubbly vlogger recently added eight tattoos to her arms: a paintbrush, pyramid, lighthouse painting, vintage car, rabbit plush toy, postage stamp of a pine tree and horseshoe, the number 11, and a surreal illustration of a little girl holding a head. Her new ink was visible at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty on March 27, where she wore a black Louis Vuitton halter dress.

All done by Dima, these additions join the squirrel and paintbrush tattoos Chamberlain had previously gotten in November 2021. "8 tattoos in a row is the most i've ever done on one person in one sitting," Dima wrote on Instagram. "You're quite something," the tattoo artist told Chamberlain, who commented, "hehehe."

Chamberlain previously spoke about tattoos in an October 2020 video shared on her YouTube account. "Every once in a while, I get this crazy feeling in my body that tells me to get a tattoo," she said. "The thing about tattoos that's always scared me is the fact that the chance of me regretting it in six months is very high." To help explore the possibility, Chamberlain applied several temporary tattoos to her arms and upper body. She concluded, "This has made me want to get a tattoo more."

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