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Geri Halliwell Debuts New DIY Fringe Haircut on Instagram

In a Peak Lockdown Move, Geri Halliwell Cut Her Own Fringe — and It Looks Great!

As if we need another reason to ponder the golden question — to fringe or not to fringeGeri Halliwell goes and messes with our internal struggle once more by getting an epic new hairstyle. Yep, the former Spice Girl just debuted a new fringe that she cut by herself, unable to get to the salon due to lockdown restrictions here in the UK.

On 26 Jan, Halliwell posted a photo of her new hairstyle, along with a photo of her as a toddler sporting a very similar fringe and blunt bob. "DIY Fringe! 💇‍♀️ Swipe right to back when I was 3 ☺️," she captioned the photo. It's safe to say that Halliwell pretty much aced her DIY haircut, and we're not the only ones who think so. Former bandmate Mel C is a huge fan, too, commenting "Love it! :heart_eyes:" on Halliwell's IG post.

Now, let's get serious for a moment. Cutting your own fringe at home probably isn't the best idea; a lot can go wrong and hair can take a while to grow out. But if you absolutely must give into the urge of cutting your own fringe at home, here's a guide to every type of fringe, plus some top tips on how to give your hair a general trim at home. We only want to save you a traumatic hair-cutting experience and expensive session with a hair stylist once salons do reopen again. But it looks like Halliwell doesn't need any of that advice, because she's pretty much nailed it on her first go.

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