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Gwen Stefani Gives Blake Shelton a Mullet Haircut

Gwen Stefani Gives Blake Shelton a Tiger King-Inspired Mullet Haircut at Their Oklahoma Ranch

Gwen Stefani gave Blake Shelton a very unexpected "quarantine haircut" while filming for a virtual edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Amidst doing normal people things at their Oklahoma ranch — like bread baking and gardening — Gwen had to whip out the electric hair clipper and show us how to cut a mullet.

"We actually had a schedule that we had lined out for today and I don't think we can put it off any longer, so. . .", says Blake. "Hey Jimmy!", says Gwen, while entering the frame with a hair clipper. "I'm going to be helping Blake grow out his mullet".

A mullet? on their animal-friendly ranch in Oklahoma? Are they referencing Tiger King, or are we reaching? While Gwen meticulously carved out a fancy mullet from Blake's salt-and-pepper cropped hairstyle, the couple shared how they are exchanging musical knowledge in isolation — Gwen tells Jimmy how she's opened up to country music, and Blake shares how Gwen introduced him to some eclectic tunes.

As for the mullet? You've got to watch the video yourself to see how it turned out.

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