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How Long Can You Wait Between Haircuts?

Good News: Your Hair Won't Suffer Too Much If You Can't Get a Trim Right Now

For the last few weeks, at-home haircut videos have flooded the internet as a result of salon closures across the US. Many of these DIY attempts have seen varying degrees of success, though most of them serve as a reminder of why giving yourself a haircut isn't always a good idea. For anyone waiting things out until you get the OK to give your hairstylist a call, there's good news: it's not that big of a deal to skip a trim here and there. We spoke with Michelle Cleveland, celebrity hairstylist and owner of the Hair Addict Salon, about why you shouldn't worry too much if you can't get a haircut this instant.

"Instead of worrying about cutting, take this time to show your hair some extra TLC."

For starters: "If you're not washing, blow-drying, and styling your hair daily due to quarantine, then you're actually doing a great service to your hair health," Cleveland told POPSUGAR. "Instead of worrying about cutting, take this time to show your hair some extra TLC that we always complain we don't have the time to do."

This means letting your hair down and giving it some rest. You can also spend more time beefing up your hair-care regimen and making sure you're using the right products, properly deep conditioning on a weekly basis, and shampooing as often as needed.

"Mix [things] up and apply some DIY natural hair masks made from ingredients most of us have in our pantry anyway," Cleveland recommended. "You can find some great recipes by googling 'DIY hair masks.' [It's] so much better than worrying about if your ends need to be trimmed, because I promise you, they will survive this time away from the salon."

Additionally, Cleveland points out that haircuts and trims serve two purposes: maintaining the shape of a cut or style and getting rid of any damage caused by environmental factors and/or excessive chemical and heat styling. The latter makes getting trims more of a necessity, though Cleveland still wouldn't label it as "urgent."

"Honestly, we have clients who only get haircuts two to three times a year, so it's best just to wait it out and leave it to the professionals," she said.

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