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How to Watch the Big Hair Assembly For World Afro Day 2021

World Afro Day: The Big Hair Assembly Is a Global Livestream For Celebrating Hair Diversity

Have you signed up for the Big Hair Assembly? The special livestream broadcast will mark the 5th anniversary of World Afro Day on Wednesday, 15 Sep. 2021, with the free virtual event kicking off at 1:30 p.m. BST and hosted at World Afro Day online.

Presented by UK broadcaster YolanDa Brown, USA news anchor Tashara Parker, and French ballerina Tais Vinolo, the Big Hair Assembly invites students, schools, and families from all over the world to celebrate the diversity of naturally coily, kicky, and afro-textured hair. In a recent study by Pantene, 93 percent of Black people have experienced afro hair discrimination; according to another study conducted by World Afro Day, school is the most common place where negative narratives about afro hair are normalised — and the Big Hair Assembly aims to change that.

"It is really sad that people have had to go through this as their hair is a key part of what shapes identity and adds confidence. We should all celebrate each others hair regardless of texture, length, style or colour," UK presenter YolanDa Brown told POPSUGAR. "Change needs to be inspired by education, understanding, and growth. A lot of people who have a certain negative perception of afro hair only have this view due to lack of understanding. It is important to show positive stories and images around afro hair, as well as engage with people that have no personal experience or link to this hair type. This will remove some of the taboo or misinformation surrounding it."

"I am honoured to be involved in World Afro Day this year," she added. "Superproud to be celebrating hair diversity with millions of children and their families around the world, as I present the Big Hair Assembly 2021."

For more information on the Big Hair Assembly, keep checking POPSUGAR, and sign up for the event at World Afro Day.

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