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Husband Raps DIY Gel Nail Tutorial Video

This Husband Rapped His Wife's Polygel Nail Tutorial — and, Well, You Just Need to See It

If you were wondering how to apply your own polygel nails at home, this rainbow polygel tutorial is both informative and oh-so amusing to watch. Evie, the self-taught nail enthusiast behind the YouTube account LongHairPrettyNails, showed viewers how she completed a full DIY polygel set on herself from start to finish, as her husband rapped (yes, you read that right, rapped) the entire video.

The result was just as good as you'd expect — like when that husband rapped his wife's Fenty Beauty makeup tutorial, or that dad narrated his daughter's makeup video. Not a single step was forgotten or skipped over, from the nail prep to the application of the polygel and nail gems at the end. He even cited where each of the products she used were from and called out the links in the description box below the video.

Watch the video above to hear his rap for yourself and learn how to give yourself a polygel manicure at home. If you can't get enough of his song, you can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon Music.

Image Source: Youtube user LongHairPrettyNails
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