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"Invisible Layers" Haircut Technique & Tips For Maintenance

This "Invisible Layers" Haircut Technique Is the Style Secret You've Been Waiting For

"Invisible Layers" Haircut Technique & Tips For Maintenance

Speakeasy bars, off-the-menu food items, a really good haircut — some of the best things in life are nearly imperceptible to the eye. Unlike the first two, however, you needn't knock three times or have an in with the owner to unlock the best-kept secret of the hair-care world. Just ask your stylist for one thing: "invisible layers."

This dry haircutting technique can be done across all hair types and textures, but the intention remains the same: "The term 'invisible layers' refers to removing weight and adding movement into a haircut while creating a finished look with minimal or no layers at all," Omar Antonio, hairstylist and global top artist for Sebastian Professional, told POPSUGAR. That means subtly cutting layers within layers of longer hair for an infinitely more discreet — and therefore, natural-looking — effect.

The result? A low-key style that almost looks like you did nothing at all, only with built-in texture that's 10 times easier to maintain (because, hi, dreams do come true). While Antonio said invisible layers come by way of a myriad of techniques and tools, there's some lingo to learn before your next salon appointment to ensure you get the look you want.

From "pen cutting" to "back cutting," we're breaking down a few buzzwords to bring to your hairstylist, because trust: a haircut this good should not be kept behind closed doors.

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