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Watch NikkieTutorials Do Jade Thirlwall's Makeup

NikkieTutorials Did Jade Thirlwall's Makeup With the Singer's Beauty Bay Palette, and It's Incredible

In October, Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall launched her own astrology-themed eyeshadow palette with Beauty Bay. Featuring both matte and shimmer shadows, the palette contains an impressive 42 high-quality pigmented powders, from easy-to-wear bronze and rose gold to sparkly violet and teal. "[The palette] works for everyone depending on how adventurous you are — from natural, nude tones to the neon and bright colours," Thirlwall told POPSUGAR of the launch. "I wanted to get across every single part of my beauty personality, I suppose."

To celebrate the palette, Thirlwall made an appearance on NikkieTutorials's YouTube channel (who, in addition to launching her own product line, coincidentally also has a Beauty Bay eyeshadow palette). The makeup artist got the chance to do the pop star's makeup, starting off by using her own Nimya by NikkieTutorials skin-care products to prep the skin, followed by Thirlwall's preferred foundation (MAC Face and Body) and, of course, the Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay Colour Palette (£30).

Throughout the 24-minute video, NikkieTutorials (whose real name is Nikkie de Jager) and Thirlwall talked about everything from makeup to the pressures of being famous and the biggest misconceptions about being a member of a girl band. "I think as a woman it's quite hard anyways in the pop industry, and as a girl band you know it did feel like we constantly had a point to prove that we do write music, and you know, when we are sexualised it should be on our terms," Thirlwall told de Jager. "And also I think for girl bands as well, you get the kind of 'role model for women' label quite quickly, which is very flattering but also there's a bit of pressure with that."

When it came to their beauty banter, we learnt that Thirlwall's fascination with makeup came from her mum, who used to get visits from the Avon lady whilst she was growing up, as well as drag artists and drag culture. Thirlwall also talked about her biggest beauty mishaps, which she cited as being back during Little Mix's X Factor days, particularly when she dyed her eyebrows blue and purple to match her blue and purple hair. "I don't know what I was giving but it wasn't cute," Thirlwall laughed.

In the end, de Jager gave Thirlwall an incredible sunset-coloured eye look using the fiery oranges, yellows, and fuchsias in the palette — adding a few crystals for good measure. To watch the look come together, and the girls' hilarious interview, check out the full video above.

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