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Justin Bieber Does Hailey Bieber's Makeup | Video

Justin Bieber Tried Doing Hailey's Makeup, and You Know What? He's Pretty Damn Good

If Justin Bieber ever wants a career change, he might have a future as Hailey's makeup artist. The "Stuck With U" singer recently stepped into the beauty world for the couples' Bieber on Watch Facebook series, and his wife seemed incredibly impressed by his skills in the end. With a little guidance from Hailey, Justin was able to walk through her step-by-step natural beauty routine, and genuinely wanted to put in his best effort.

"I want you to actually look good, I'm not trying to make you look like a clown," Justin told her, after admitting he wasn't sure "where to start." Turns out he didn't need to be nervous at all because everything ended with A-plus results. The only bump in the road was mascara, and who hasn't dealt with that nightmare before? Watch the full video above to see the cuteness go down. From skin care to makeovers, what will the Biebers try next?

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