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See Lili Reinhart's Funny Selfies During a Facial

Lili Reinhart's Recent Selfies Will Speak to Anyone Who's Ever Been Fidgety During a Facial

See Lili Reinhart's Funny Selfies During a Facial

As relaxing and good for your skin as they can be, facials can also feel like a trap. For starters, your whole body is tucked in tightly as though you're a kid again and your mom just read you a bedtime story. Then you've got thick masks just sitting on top of your skin — which you of course can't see. And then you put on these tiny tanning bed goggles while someone uses a magnifying lamp to examine your skin at such close range that should probably never be allowed.

Admittedly, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but Lili Reinhart seemed to feel a similar way when she recently documented her boredom during a facial. Wearing a goopy purple mask with what appears to be oatmeal in it, the Riverdale and Hustlers actress shared selfies with a somewhat impatient expression.

With zero additional commentary or captions, we can only imagine what Reinhart was thinking about as she sat trapped under all those towels and treatments. Perhaps:

  1. "Is Jughead actually gonna die in season four?"
  2. "Wait . . . is Betty going to die?"
  3. "How long do I have to lie here like this?"
  4. "Miss Stevens was honestly so underrated."
  5. "They didn't forget to come back for me, right?"
  6. "Damn . . . J Lo really did that, huh?"
  7. "'Sorry to this man.' Heh, never gets old."
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