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Moisturising Lip Products For Under Face Mask Covering

7 Moisturising Lip Products to Wear Under Your Face Mask

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
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What do you get when you mix the summer heat with a protective face covering, you ask? Nothing less than extremely chapped lips. Wearing a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has become a necessary part of our everyday routines, and with this new normal comes the need to also alter our skin-care practices. There's good news, though: Maskne, skin irritation, and chapped lips all can be easily avoided with the help of the right products.

With your lips specifically, wearing a mask traps all the moisture from breathing and talking into one confined space, which in turn zaps your mouth's natural moisture and makes lips even drier. Weird, right? Because it doesn't feel like you're making them worse when wearing mask, many people are less inclined to put on lip balm. Unfortunately, that's the opposite of what you're supposed to do. Luckily, finding products that contain hydrating properties like beeswax and petroleum jelly are beneficial since they won't evaporate as quickly as alcohol- or water-based products. Applying a balm that will seal in moisture is the key here, so it's OK to be picky about the ingredients in your lip product.

On the other end of the masking-wearing spectrum, beauty-lovers are currently forgoing brightly coloured lipsticks and glosses because they (more often than not) tend to get transferred onto the masks. So, when it comes to picking out a lip colour, opting for one that's clear will keep your mask looking cleaner, and the best part: it will also fit in with the no-makeup makeup look of summer. A win-win.

If chapped lips are your main mask-related concern, have no fear, because we curated a list of the most hydrating and moisturising products that will sink into your lips as opposed to your face covering. From a hydrating mask you can use before bed to an on-the-go balm that's infused with sunscreen, these moisturising options will keep your lips hydrated and your mask makeup-free.

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