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Little Mix Choose Kindness Simple Campaign Interview 2020

Little Mix on How the Pandemic and Black Lives Matter Movement Changed Their Views on Being Role Models

Little Mix Choose Kindness Simple Campaign Interview 2020
Image Source: Simple / Little Mix

There's never been a more relevant time than now to spread the message of kindness, and that's exactly what girl group Little Mix members — Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, and Jesy Nelson — are continuing to do as part of their collaboration with Simple Skincare for the brand's #ChooseKindness campaign. It's the band's third time teaming up with Simple, and this time around they also chose to partner with the Ditch the Label initiative, too. Ditch the Label is an international youth charity that supports young people with mental health, relationships, and their identity, as well as those who face bullying. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the charity reports that between the lockdown period of March to May, support requests for Ditch the Label increased by 158 percent.

We spoke to Little Mix about their latest collaboration and why it's so important to continue spreading the message of kindness in everything they do, as well as how the pandemic and current social justice movements have amplified this.

On Why They Collaborated With Simple Skincare For the Third Time:

Both Simple and Ditch the Label align perfectly with Little Mix's message of positivity, self-confidence, and kindness. "The campaign is all about kindness and choosing kindness, as a group this is what we stand for, which is a perfect fit and match. I'm looking forward to working with Simple again this year and relaying the message of kindness and also having a pledge each will make it even more personal," Leigh-Anne Pinnock told POPSUGAR. "We've also used Simple since we were kids and my mum actually always used to use Simple, so just kind of followed suit, and they're just lovely to work with," said Perrie Edwards.

"With the current climate and things going on in the world, it's more important than ever that we all show more acts of kindness and do it on a bigger scale than usual."

On Why Being Kind and Spreading Kindness Matters to Them:

"I think being kind is essential because kindness creates a positive energy and helps you get through the day with a happier energy around you, right now especially, whilst we've all been stuck indoors," said Jade Thirlwall. "A lot of people have been suffering with their mental health in many ways, and with the current climate and things going on in the world, it's more important than ever that we all show more acts of kindness and do it on a bigger scale than usual. I think we all do small acts of kindness every day, whether that's complimenting someone or being nice on social media. But I think, right now, kindness needs to stretch out far wider, standing up for people who need it, raising your voice, and making more of a difference in the world."

"I always try to compliment someone every day, because I think that person could be having a really awful day," said Jade. "Giving a compliment to someone doesn't have to be 'you look nice' or 'you look pretty,' it could be that something was a really lovely thing to say, or your view on something is beautiful, or even 'I think you come across really well and intelligent.' There are so many other ways of complimenting someone that isn't just skin-deep, so I try to do that and I'm trying to be a lot kinder to myself at the moment because I feel like I've really got stuck in a rut where I've been stuck indoors," Jade explained.

"I'll be encouraging others to spread kindness this year by being more positive and happy, especially online. Online can be quite a negative place, so I think to always be kind is important. If you think that someone looks lovely, tell them that they look lovely," Jesy Nelson added.

On How the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement Have Changed the Way They View Spreading Kindness:

"I think it's been everyone's sort of wake-up. A lot of it is down to everyone being in their houses, so you couldn't avoid [the Black Lives Matter movement], it was everywhere. The whole world's talking about it. That's never happened before. It's given a sense of togetherness," the girls all agreed.

On How the Pandemic Changed the Way They View Kindness Towards Themselves:

"I think a lot of people have used this time for a bit of reflection. I think when you're on your own in a house, or with just a few people, you have to always confront your own issues," said Jade. "I think everyone's done a little bit of that, whether it's self-healing or confronting your own insecurities. I've certainly done that myself. I've tried to better myself, whether it's being kinder to myself, mentally." She adds: "I'm learning what makes me truly happy, like communicating with my family and friends more, which I hope I can continue doing now that I'm starting with it again. Doing things that make my soul happy, like being more creative and stuff. All these things that I never used to have time to do."

On How the Current News Cycle Has Changed Their Views on Being a Role Model:

"I think maybe we've had to learn to educate ourselves a lot more. I think there's no excuse anymore really. Ignorance really isn't bliss when it comes to a social issue," said Jade.

"I think people felt brave because [Black Lives Matter] is a movement that everybody's getting involved with," explained Perrie. "Like Jade was saying earlier, people get so terrified to say anything, it's kind of damned if you do, damned if you don't; it's the pressure, but I feel like everybody has to. As Jade was saying, this is especially true for people with platforms who have been trying to use it for good, and spread positivity and make change," she added.

"On social media, if you think [of] younger people, especially teenagers, who are scrolling, they're typically seeing selfie after selfie, but now their timeline might be filled with these more educational resources about what's going on in the world and what you can do to help; links to articles or books you can read," said Jade. "You are being fed things that are actually going to really better you as a person, or open your eyes a bit more. I personally really love it now, whenever I go on Instagram, the social content on there is meaningful, and it's challenging me every day. I think all of us have had to confront the fact that we could all be doing a lot more," she added.

On Lockdown Beauty:

"For me personally, I've been wearing my hair a lot more natural, which has been nice," said Jade. "I've kind of fallen in love with my natural hair, which I feel quite sad about. I didn't really appreciate it as much before. When I couldn't always blow-dry my hair, I've just left it natural, and that's my favourite right now." Leigh-Anne responded: "I miss beauty treatments so much!"

They all agree that for many, beauty is more than just the actual treatment, though. "For a lot of people, [beauty treatments are] like an escapism. When you go to a salon and you sit with someone who doesn't really know your life, but you tell them everything because you're in a safe space where you feel like you can do that — I think that's important for a lot of people," said Jade.

On Their Favourite Simple Skincare Products:

For their third collaboration, the collection will include six of the Little Mix ladies' favourite Simple products, including moisturising facial wash, micellar cleansing water, a moisturising sheet mask, a hydrating light moisturiser, biodegradable cleansing wipes, and eye makeup remover. As for their favourite products, the girls all agree that being able to take their makeup off at the end of a night is essential in their skin-care routine. "I always make sure before I go to bed, even if I'm drunk after a night out, that my makeup is definitely coming off," said Jade. The Simple packaging redesign features a pretty metallic pink geometric design.

Little Mix's limited edition Simple products will be available from 22nd July, available at Superdrug.

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