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Long Shag Haircut Photos and Inspiration

These Photos of Long Shag Haircuts Will Have You Sprinting to the Salon

Long Shag Haircut Photos and Inspiration
Image Source: Getty / Kristy Sparow

As the shag haircut reigns supreme as one of 2021's most popular haircuts, we've grown used to seeing the style worn on short hair, but what if we told you that you can still look effortlessly cool wearing one without having to sacrifice any length? A shag is essentially a lob haircut (read: a long bob) with fringe and more of a choppy, layered look, but it's an incredibly flattering haircut for those with longer hair, and it doesn't always have to be the result of a dramatic hair transformation.

"The two popular shag styles are the ultra curly, ultra layered and then straight with long curtain bangs that sweep," NYC hairstylist Devin Toth previously told POPSUGAR. "The curly shag is very round with a pure release of texture. It will be a seamless transition from bangs to short layers to long layers to bottom length. The straight shag can be styled however you want, but it generally has longer layers with the focus of the style being the bold curtain bangs — sweeping but not fully connected to the rest of the style."

Think of the long shag as the '70s-style Farrah Fawcett layers that briefly took over TikTok this summer featuring long feather bangs and a layered cut. If you're contemplating switching things up and adding some layers to your long hair this fall, keep reading for some long shag inspiration.

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