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Lourdes Leon Normalises Underarm Hair in Selfie With Madonna

More of This, Please: Lourdes Leon Normalises Body Hair in a Selfie With Mum Madonna

Lourdes Leon's relationship with her body hair is one we can all admire. Over the years, the 24-year-old model has let her unshaved armpits show, whether that's on the red carpet or in a photo with her mum, Madonna. For instance, he two posed for a rare selfie on 10 April, and Leon's natural look moved us another step closer to normalising visible body hair.

Grooming habits are a personal choice, despite years of patriarchal beauty standards telling us otherwise. Leon never makes a big deal out of her body hair, and ideally, neither would the rest of the world. Hopefully, someday soon, social media (and, frankly, the media in general) will allow everyone to embrace whatever makes them feel comfortable. People like Leon help us reach that goal.

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