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Watch Love Island’s Finley Do Paige’s Makeup

Love Island's Finn Gave Paige a Makeover and, Uh, He Actually Did a Pretty Good Job

For partners that aren't as familiar with the wonderful world of makeup, it can seem like another language (and to be honest, it kind of is). But it seems the beauty world was no match for Love Island's Finley, who decided to take on the challenge of doing Paige's makeup, and no one is more shocked than us that he actually did a pretty good job.

In a video created in collaboration with this year's sponsor, Look Fantastic — who is also responsible for sending all of the beauty products into the house — Finn used five products (foundation, bronzer, highlighter, brow gel, and liquid lipstick) to transform his client, Paige, for the "make or break makeup challenge." Luckily for Finn, Paige gave him a little helping hand at the start of the tutorial by telling him makeup was "a bit like building a house", to which he replied "so you need your foundation first", getting things off to a good start. Confidence is key, and Finn certainly has that when it comes to his beauty product knowledge. He quickly let Paige know "this is a good colour match for you", proceeding to hold it up to her arm (so that's how you're supposed to do it). Another of Finn's top tips is that "eyebrows are sisters not twins", which we think is absolutely solid advice.

The end look was surprisingly good — or in Finn's words "banging, mate" — but you'll have to watch the full video to see the results for yourself.

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