Made By Mitchell's Now in Boots — Mitchell Halliday Shows Us How to Use His Products

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TikTok sensation Made By Mitchell has arrived in Boots stores across the UK (that's 95 stores to be exact) so you'll now be able to pop to the high street and find the products which blew up online, from their iconic Blursh to the lusciously creamy Curve Case.

As expected, founder Mitchell Halliday, aka Mmmmitchell, is buzzing about the new launch, calling it a "major milestone" for the Made By Mitchell brand, which started from humble beginnings on TikTok Shop back in 2020.

It's hard to escape the Made By Mitchell craze. Online, you'll find over 37 million posts from make-up fanatics and Mitchell himself, showing his 922k followers how to use the product for the best results.

Then there's their viral compact contour and blush palette, which has become a holy grail product thanks to the extensive shade ranges, proving it's possible to create quality base products for darker complexions that aren't just pure black (major side eye).

So if you're eager to try your hand at the Curve Case, want to swatch the best Blursh shade for you, or fancy exploring some of the newer products from Made By Mitchell, keep scrolling for a list of bestsellers, now available at Boots, with tips on how to use them from Mr Halliday himself.

Made By Mitchell Beam Lip Gloss
Urban Outfitters

Made By Mitchell Beam Lip Gloss

Made By Mitchell Beam Lip Gloss (£12)

Competition for the Fenty Beauty Glosses has officially arrived. The Beam Lip Gloss gives a sheer wash of colour that won't string your lips together. And you'll be able to choose from 15 shades.

"Sparkly glosses! Some are transparent and glossy, others are opaque and a pop of colour. Non-sticky but still have a nice grip so they last all day," Halliday says.

"I wanted to make a hybrid between lip oil and lip gloss, so it's not heavy, stringy or sticky, but it's long-lasting and comfortable, a win-win."

Made By Mitchell Blursh Lights

Made By Mitchell Blursh Lights

Made By Mitchell Blursh Lights (£16)

This liquid highlighter is a shimmery version of the iconic Blurshes and acts as a long-wearing dewy accompaniment to your makeup look.

"Blursh Lights isn't for the faint of heart. It works great for eyes, cheeks and even on the body if you'd like," the Made By Mitchell founder explains, sharing that his favourite shade is Bubble Trouble. "This dries matte and won't budge once it's on, it fully sets and doesn't separate or crease."

Made By Mitchell Blursh

Made By Mitchell Blursh

Made by Mitchell Blursh Liquid Blusher (£14)

The icon, the moment. The Made By Mitchell Blursh is the key to a dewy makeup look.

Halliday says: "Apply the Blursh to the skin first, then use an eyeshadow brush, saturate it into the brush, this way it can be buildable wherever you put it. You can apply it to the eyes, lips, cheeks, anywhere really.

Made By Mitchell Colour Case

Made By Mitchell Colour Case

Made By Mitchell Colour Case Cream Blusher Palette (£35)

The Colour Case takes multi-purpose to the next level. This 12-pot palette of cream formula dries to a matte finish and is guaranteed to take your makeup kit to the next level.

"The colour case is self-setting, but needs to be activated with warmth and movement, that's why it comes with a brush," Halliday tells PS UK. "I use this for eyes, lips, the lot. A little bit goes a long way as it's so saturated in pigment."

Made By Mitchell Curve Case

Made By Mitchell Curve Case

Made By Mitchell Curve Case Cream Blusher Palette (£30)

We can't sing the Curve Case's praises enough and neither can Halliday. The MUA shared his tips for using the creamy palette, which can seem overwhelming at first glance, but fear not.

During the masterclass, Halliday used a make-up scalpel to apply a cool-toned shade from the palette to his hand, before using a brush to disperse the product in the areas you'd usually contour, like the hollows of your cheeks and under your jawline.

"I don't usually set the product I apply from the Curve Case because I want to keep the creamy, glossy look," Halliday told us.

Made By Mitchell Blursh Bronzed

Made By Mitchell Blursh Bronzed

Made by Mitchell Blursh Bronzed (£16)

As mentioned in our This or That video, Halliday shared his preference for liquid bronzer, and luckily you can purchase Blursh Bronzer from the new collection available at Boots. Combine the liquid bronzer with your favourite Blursh shade for the ultimate dewy look.

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