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Miley Cyrus "Freedom" Tattoo: See the Photos

Yep, Miley Cyrus Is Sporting Two New Tattoos, and They Both Have Pretty Personal Meanings

Miley Cyrus's collection of tattoos is ever-growing, and she has two brand new ones to show for it. According to a few photos shared to Instagram by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter, who did both tattoos, the 26-year-old recently got the word "Freedom" written in cursive on her right hand. In a follow-up post, Winter shared a photo of a second piece of ink on the singer's left shoulder that reads, "I'm proud of you, Yoko." According to the caption, the tattoo is actually a copy of a handwritten note that Yoko Ono once wrote Cyrus.

Of course, no new tattoo comes without a little speculation, and lots of the "Slide Away" singer's fans are questioning if the "Freedom" tat is a subtle response to the recent end of her 7-month-long marriage to Liam Hemsworth. But it's also worth noting that she repeats the lyric, "Don't f*ck with my freedom," throughout her song, "Mother's Daughter," which Winter hinted at in his caption — so, if anything, the ink is a nod to that.

Whatever the case, get a look at both tattoos ahead.

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