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Nars Light Reflecting Foundation Review With Photos

The Nars Light Reflecting Foundation Is Your Secret Weapon For Velvety, Glowing Skin

Nars Light Reflecting Foundation Review With Photos
Image Source: Nateisha Scott

When I think of complexion products, many brands just don't stand the test of time. However, there's one brand that never fails to impress when it comes to inclusive and exciting innovations — and that's Nars. The brand simply never misses a beat, and my love for its complexion products runs deep — whether it's the Radiant Creamy Concealer, Colour Corrector, Sheer Glow Range, or Tinted Glow Boosters, I've tried (and adored) them all. So, when Nars's latest, the Light Reflecting Foundation (£37.50), was unveiled, you can guarantee I was intrigued and signed up right away to try it ahead of its launch.

According to the Nars team, the Light Reflecting Foundation — which comes in 36 shades — is based on the ability to see the skin in its best light through combining makeup with skin care. It instantly blurs imperfections; smooths the look of textured skin; and helps to conceal blemishes, dark spots, and even redness. "It's fitting to expect skin-care benefits with our daily makeup products, especially after lockdown," explains Nars Lead Artist Rachel Hardie. The rise in a more "natural take on makeup" and a newfound love of skin-care rituals over the last few years inspired the launch of the foundation, the idea being "enhancing [the skin] as opposed to covering it up."

So what makes this foundation different from the rest of the complexion range? "The Light Reflecting Complex is formulated to enhance the skin in three innovative ways that helps to improve the appearance of blemishes, redness, and dark spots," Hardie exclusively tells POPSUGAR. "It instantly bounces light without camera flashback using micro prisms (minuscule flecks that help to reflect light and address luminosity in beauty products), giving the appearance of radiance from within. It retains moisture and hydrates thanks to the inclusion of Polynesian seawater, and finally, encourages gentle exfoliation and skin regeneration with sea algae."

For those reasons, even before I tried this newbie, I knew I'd love it. My typical foundation portfolio consists of light to medium coverage, warm undertones, a satin-matte finish, and hydrating skin ingredients. So, I immediately appreciated this product's lightweight and moisturising properties when initially blending it into the skin. The Light Reflecting Foundation reminded me of a tinted moisturiser in texture but gave the finish of a full-coverage foundation. Blending seamlessly into the skin, it impressively covered up my dark marks in one swoop. With only one and a half pumps needed (a little does go a long way), the formula evenly covered my skin before setting to a natural finish. From the very first application, I was incredibly impressed.

Another thing I noticed was how healthy and moisturised my skin looked and felt — noting this down to the foundation's boastful skin-care benefits. "The foundation comprises 70 percent skin-care ingredients that benefit all skin types," Hardie explains. "Biomimetic oats help to reduce inflammation by boosting hydration and supporting the lipid barrier. Cacao peptides and milk thistle help to prevent environmental aggressors and blue light exposure. In addition, Japanese lilyturf helps to retain moisture and strengthen our skin's moisture barrier."

As someone with an oily complexion, I found that I didn't need to powder excessively throughout the day, which was a bonus. What's more, my T-zone remained radiant as opposed to greasy. The outer parameters of my face remained matte — even silky in some lights — which lasted all day long. This is all thanks to the Nars "Photochromic Technology," which, as Hardie explains, "is like a built-in Instagram filter." It softens and blurs texture and fine lines. "It also adapts your makeup in different lights, so when applying your makeup on a dark morning, you can rest assured it will also look great outside in natural daylight," she adds. I would say that if I were heading for an evening out, I would press a couple more rounds of powder across my forehead, but otherwise, I would allow the natural dew to create the coveted lit-from-within glow.

Image Source: Nars

Despite many benefits, I think the one thing that made me really fall in love with this foundation is its lightweight and breathable feel on the skin. One of the main reasons I avoid wearing foundation daily is how it sits on my skin. However, the Light Reflecting Foundation is extremely featherlight — I barely noticed it on my skin. It's so light, in fact, that I only remembered I was wearing it when I started my nighttime routine. In my eyes, that is the mark of a solid and impressive foundation.

If you're someone who loves a complexion product that not only prioritises skin-care benefits but also draws in light and reflects it, then you will love this foundation. I would recommend this for both daily use and events that require more coverage, simply due to its buildable and breathable nature. For oily complexions, take note that a little powder will go a long way, all without taking away from its hydrating, moisturising, and light-reflecting complex.

Nars, I've got to say it: you've done it again — another foundation win. Get a closer look at the POPSUGAR UK team wearing the new Nars Light Reflection Foundation ahead.

The Nars Light Reflecting Foundation (£37.50) launches 1 Feb. exclusively on and 1 March nationwide. Sign up to join the wait list now.

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