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Normani’s Hairstylist on the 3 Hottest Fall Hair Trends

Normani's Hairstylist Breaks Down the 3 Hottest Hair Trends For Fall

Normani’s Hairstylist on the 3 Hottest Fall Hair Trends

If the springtime symbolizes rebirth and renewal, then fall signifies owning who you are and being unapologetically you — not just in your actions and your relationships, but in your choices of how you present yourself to the world, starting with your hair. If you've been holding back on what you really want to do — be it a hairstyle, cut, or colour — on the account of others, fall is the perfect time to throw caution to the wind and express yourself in your most authentic way.

"This fall is going to be about doing whatever the f*ck makes you happy," Ashanti Lation, celebrity hairstylist and creator behind the hairstyles in Normani's "Wild Side" music video, told POPSUGAR. "Of course, social media hair trends will be a big factor, but this fall, more than ever before, you will see people stepping outside the box of their comfort zone."

Ahead, Lation shared her predictions for the hottest hair trends of the fall, so take note, and get ready to do you.

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