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Paco Rabanne Olympea Christmas Gifting Advice

3 Reasons Perfume Is the Most Underrated Gift, and Why Everyone Actually Loves Receiving It

No matter what your festive celebrations usually entail, there’s one thing that connects us all: the pressure of gift shopping. Year after year, the stress of finding a thoughtful gift for everyone you know weighs heavy because, if the perfect present is out there, how can you be sure you’ll find it? Whether your list contains 30 close — and distant — friends or one special someone, there’s one gift we know will make an impact this Christmas: a bottle of perfume.

On the surface, perfume seems like the furthest thing away from feeling personal, but with thousands of options to choose from, having the ability to pick just one that matches the personality and taste of your recipient says so much. With endless unique note combinations out there, Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa collection narrows down your options so the search won’t give you a headache. Bottom line: gifting perfume is vastly underrated, but it’s the foolproof way to make anyone feel loved. In search of proof? Ahead, we outline exactly why these sweet-smelling gifts will make everyone happy this festive season.


The kind of perfume you wear can say so much about your personality. Every detail, from the shape of the bottle to the unique mix of notes, feels like an expression of who you are. When you give someone you know a perfume, you're essentially showing them how you see them — the tiny details about them you notice and appreciate. A bottle of perfume may not take up a lot of space in a stocking, but it can pack the biggest punch emotionally.

Better still, perfume has long been linked to memories and emotions. It's even been said that specific notes can have a subtle effect on moods — vanilla, rose, and jasmine, for example, have been found to inspire a sense of calm and relaxation. Alone, these individual notes are good, but when paired with salty, warm, and peppery additions, they build the powerful foundation for a memorable perfume experience. Olympéa, for example, is a classic scent that blends an intense vanilla base with ginger flower and wood to create a severely fresh scent. But rich, musky undertones aren't the only way to complement impactful florals — Olympéa Blossom, on the other hand, mixes rose with blackcurrant sorbet and pepper for a spicy finish.

Yes, maybe people wear perfume because it simply makes them feel good, but others may use the daily ritual as a way to evoke certain memories. Giving someone a bottle of perfume that their mum or best friend used to wear could serve as a keepsake for years to come.


Some people may hold the opinion that since there are so many options to choose from, perfume can feel impersonal. On the contrary, the diverse note combinations make choosing the perfect perfume for your friend or mum easier than you think. Scent profiles can embody so much about one person — and even tiny variations between two fragrances can make a huge difference in helping you determine who it fits best.

For example, Olympéa was made for a powerful person who likes your-skin-but-better scents that are subtle but impactful. They prefer the classics and are often described as being timeless. While Olympéa plays it safe, Olympéa Blossom is for the unpredictable friends who are known for their edge. This perfume embodies femininity with a twist, utilising fruity and spicy notes that will make anyone ask, "What are you wearing?"


On average, most perfumes can last between two to five years after first use. Of course, the preservation of a perfume can also depend on how well it’s stored and how often it's used, but it can also depend on the notes. Certain perfumes, like Olympéa and Olympéa Legend, that utilise sweet or indulgent notes tend to have longer shelf lives, which means that bottle you plan on wrapping can be in someone's perfume rotation well into the next festive season.

Some note compositions, like vanilla and wood, are believed to last longer in the bottle, both of which can be found in Olympéa. The latter has been said to give off a "salty vanilla" aroma, which adds a sweet texture to the underlying wood and floral notes. Olympéa Blossom also features a cocktail of subtle vanilla and cashmere wood notes to contrast its fruity, floral profile. They say diamonds are forever, but apparently whoever said that never had a signature perfume.

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