15 Pearl Nail Art Ideas That You'll Want to Wear All Season Long

Pearl-encrusted hair accessories have been massively popular lately, so it's no surprise that beauty-lovers are starting to add pearls on their nails, too. The trend is a modern take on the traditionally elegant and classic motif, bringing a 3D element to your manicure.

You can keep the design looking classic and soft by placing the pearls on a nude base, or place them against a black polish for a punk interpretation. If you're feeling especially daring, you can even combine this trend with the negative-space manicure and add the organic gems on bare nails.

Nail artist Madeline Poole told POPSUGAR how to achieve this look at home, and it all starts with finding the right tools. "Smaller pearls are better for nails, and you should try to find ones with flat backs," she explained. "These are best for design as they stay put."

As for how to apply the small accessories onto the nail, Poole has a trick. "When placing pearls, crystals, or studs, you can use a white coloured pencil to pick them up," she said. "There's something about the quality of the lead that's slightly sticky, and the pearl will attach itself to the pencil tip so you can place it easily. It's important to use a white coloured pencil so that if any residue from the pencil is left on the pearl, it's white and easily brushed off."

Ahead, check out all the ways you can try out the pearl nail art trend.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Levinson