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The Pimple Patches Worth the Hype Tested By our Editors

The Pimple Patches Worth the Hype According to Our Editors

The Pimple Patches Worth the Hype Tested By our Editors
Image Source: Starface

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Ah, pimple patches, where were you when I was 15? My teenage self would've gone crazy for this super simple blemish treatment and with the plethora of patches available today, I probably could've saved myself from the discomfort of leaving toothpaste or reaching for the sudocream to dry out a zit.

Teenage me missed out, because now we're officially in our pimple patch era as searches for best pimple patches have risen over 180% in the past year and currently, there are over 154 million posts on TikTok about which spot-banishing product is the best for you. Gen Z are proving why we shouldn't be ashamed of acne, and dressing up their spots in star-shaped patches, thanks to Starface, or layering invisibly thin patches underneath their makeup looks, because the show must go on.

Pimple patches come in all shapes and sizes and all have the same goal — to get rid of your spots or put an end to pimple-picking for good. Unsure what a pimple patch is? It's basically a hydrocolloid plaster, which according to Skin Choice founder Seye Akinnaike, is a material made from a blend of polymers such as cellulose and pectin. He tells PS UK, "It's used to promote skin healing and is a convenient, easy-to-use solution for calming and reducing breakouts and blemishes.


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"When a hydrocolloid patch or sticker is applied on skin, the edges seal, trapping the spot underneath, absorbing fluid and keeping the surrounding skin moist, the outer layer forms a protective seal to stop bacteria or debris from worsening the spot," he adds.

As the pimple patch market grows, Starface has launched its Hydro Star with Tea Tree, for some extra zit TLC, and COSRX has a whole collection of acne-busting patches in a range of sizes, from XS to XL, which means no matter what you're dealing with, there's a spot sticker for you.

If this sounds like something you need to add to your skincare arsenal immediately keep reading for our tried and test guide to the pimple patches actually worth buying and which one is best for your individual skin need.

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