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Raspberry Bourbon Hair Colour Trend For Winter 2019

"Raspberry Bourbon" Hair Colour Is the Spicy Trend You'll Want to Try This Winter

"Raspberry Bourbon" Hair Color Trend
Image Source: Courtesy of Kim Bonondona

The "Raspberry Bourbon" hair colour is exactly what it sounds like. It's rich, it's spicy, and its warmth is about to take over your Instagram feeds this Winter.

According to hairstylist Kim Bonondona — the pro who spotted this Fall's "Ginger Beer" hair trend — this shade is a mahogany balayage that is eye-catching because of how the colours easily melt together. "The red spices up traditional warm-brown balayage," she said. "Red gives [the look] liveliness and warmth."

She explains that if you want to get the look, be prepared to sit in a chair for at least three hours, as well as dedicate one follow-up appointment (after four to six weeks) for toning. "It will start to fade and lighten to a gorgeous copper shade," she said. "The toner will bring it back to its stunning mahogany colour."

Hairstylist Devin Toth of the New York City-based Salon SCK noted that he has also seen the colour grow more popular at his salon. "This hair colour is perfect for Winter because it has those deeper rich tones that we all gravitate toward in the colder months while also having a hint of spontaneity," he said. "The raspberry hues are unexpected and less conservative than your typical go-to Winter hair colour."

He suggests that those who want a more rich version of the colour should ask their colourist to pre-lighten their hair with a dramatic balayage or foil highlights. "These techniques will ensure sharp bursts of raspberry hues in the final style," he said. For upkeep he suggests using a colour depositing shampoo with a red tint and getting monthly in-salon glosses.

Check out our "Raspberry Bourbon" hair colour moodboard, ahead.

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