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Revlon One-Step Flat Brush Hair Dryer and Styler Review

This $34 Blow-Dry Flat Brush Dried My Natural Type 4 Hair in 30 Minutes

Revlon One-Step Flat Brush Hair Dryer and Styler Review
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ariel Baker

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  • The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler is a $34 blow-dry brush with rave reviews.
  • One editor with natural type four hair swears by it.
  • The blow dryer makes it easy for her to do her hair in 30 minutes.

I do not like blow-drying my hair. I know we're starting off negative here, but that little tidbit is important to note for later on. Now, back to why I don't like blow-drying my hair. I spent the first half of my childhood with my father, and bless him, but he did not know how to do my hair. This led to me going to my aunts, cousins, and hairstylists to get my hair done, all of whom would complain when it came time to blow-dry and style my hair — and understandably so. My hair was the type to break combs and get random objects stuck in it. It was the singular arm workout needed for the entire week for whoever was next in the rotation to help me with it.

When I finally started doing my own hair, I found myself in charge of a task I'd never learned how to actually do myself. That includes washing, blow-drying, and styling. Intimidated is not an adequate enough word to describe my feelings toward the matter. However, I knew I had to figure it out since my hair wasn't going anywhere (though I did come really close to a buzz cut a few times but ultimately chickened out).

After some practice, I made it work, but out of all the steps in my hair-care routine, blow-drying was my least favourite. Everyone who did my hair growing up complained about how much physical pain blow-drying my hair caused them, and I was not made for manual labour, so it was something I avoided. Until I stumbled upon a review on YouTube of the Revlon One-Step Flat Brush Hair Dryer and Styler ($34, originally $50). Though I can't remember the creator of the video I watched, I do remember she had long, thick, type four hair just like me. She raved about this dryer, so I bought it, too. And let me tell you something: my life changed for the better. Precious time I thought I'd never get back blow-drying my hair belonged to me once more. I mean every word when I say the flat brush allows me to blow-dry my hair in record time.

Read ahead to see how quickly this blow dryer gets the job done (and yes, there are time stamps included). Then do yourself a favour and order one ASAP.

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