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How to Shave Your Vagina Pubic Hair, Expert Tips

How to Shave Your Pubic Hair, With Tips From the Experts

How to Shave Your Vagina Pubic Hair, Expert Tips

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Shaving your body hair is a chore, but shaving your pubic hair is a different ball game. You'll want to avoid ingrown hairs, red razor bumps and trapped hairs, but it seems almost everyone has experienced the wrath of a dodgy shaving session. Whether you're new to pubic shaving, or just want some tips on how to ace it, you're in the right place.

As a heads up, it's good to know that shaving down there is a bit different to shaving the rest of your body. Your hair tends to be more coarse and requires some careful pre and post-shave care so to prevent irritation. You might need a mirror to help shave some hard to see areas and be prepared to move and tighten your skin to avoid any nicks with your razor. Take your time and focus on this task — after all, that's the best way to get smooth, painless results.

Rest assured, all you'll need is the right technique and the right products, because while quality is everything, if you're going in with the wrong method, your nether regions could turn out like a painful hack job. Keep scrolling for some pro tips below. Trust me, if you're gonna shave your pubes at all: your bikini line depends on it.

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