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"Soap Brows" Were a Big Makeup Trend on TikTok In 2020

"Soap Brows" Saw a Spike On TikTok This Year, but This Trend is Worth Bringing Into 2021

"Soap Brows" Were a Big Makeup Trend on TikTok In 2020

A bobby pin-meets-liquid eyeliner hack. Euphoria-inspired makeup. Game-changing product discoveries. TikTok is rife with all sorts of fascinating makeup trends that have slowly managed to become mainstream in recent years. Among the biggest to gain popularity on the platform in 2020 specifically were "soap brows." If you frequent the app, it's likely you've already scrolled past a ton of videos with #soapbrows in the hashtag field, but in case you're still unsure what they're actually supposed to look like, we'll explain.

For starters, the trend gets its name from an eyebrow shaping technique in which one uses a bar of soap (like the kind you keep on your sink) to groom their eyebrows in lieu of your average brow gel. All you have to do is take a clean spoolie, coat it in soap, and brush your brows in the direction you want them to go. It sounds strange, yes, but we've found the hack to be pretty useful in the past for shaping the brows and keeping the hairs in place for longer periods of time. We're not alone, either: a report from Stylight Insights claims Google searches for the term "soap brows" increased by more than 300 percent in November alone. Not only that, but compared to this time last year, it also saw 1,000 percent more interest in its soap bar and eyebrow brush categories in the last month.

Before you sprint to your bathroom to find another use for that bar of soap (hopefully one that won't dry out your skin), check out a few useful soap brow tutorials from TikTok ahead.

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