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Soft Blunt Bob Haircut Will Trend in 2020

2020's Take on Last Year's Biggest Haircut Trend: the "Soft Blunt" Bob

Soft Blunt Bob Haircut Will Trend in 2020

Bob haircuts were to 2019 what Juicy Couture tracksuits were to 2001: abso-f*cking-lutely everywhere. Within the last 365 days, we saw cuts that were blunt! Shaggy! A-line or inverted! Diffuse-dried, flipped-under, and styled in every which way imaginable. (Celebrity hairstylist David Lopez summed up the trend's versatility perfectly: "Many, many bobs happened in 2019.") Still, like most things in life, there's plenty of room for growth — and the style is going to look slightly different in 2020.

"Shorter lengths will continue to reign with softer edges and more movement, but this year bob haircuts will become softer and a little more grown out," he said. "I like to call it the 'soft blunt' bob, where the perimeter of the haircut looks thick but is slightly piece-y."

If you're looking for some variation in the new year (and, if you liked at least one in 1,298 of the styles you've been seeing lately, why wouldn't you be?) you're going to want to check out these cute-as-hell soft blunt bob haircuts, below.

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