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The Best Beauty Trends From the Spring 2020 Runways

The Best Hair and Makeup Trends From the Spring 2020 Runways

The Best Beauty Trends From the Spring 2020 Runways
Image Sources: Getty and IMAXTREE

The Spring 2020 shows have come and gone and in their wake, a whole lot of beauty trends to get inspired by. And here's the thing: you don't need to wait six months to start playing around with the hair and makeup looks we saw on the runways. Thanks to social media, the idea of strict, seasonal trends is a thing of the past. If this Winter you want to want to put a flower in your hair like the models wore at Etam, or apply a fluoro-orange shade of lipstick like the one we saw at Versace, go right ahead. In fact, we think it's a swell idea.

When it comes to the beauty looks we saw again and again this season, many of them shouldn't come as a total surprise. Several are trends that have slowly been bubbling up this past year. Neon shadow and 3D makeup, for instance, made multiple appearances during the fall 2019 shows back in February, while we've seen loads of celebrities wearing watercolour shadow on the red carpet in the past couple months.

And while sure, we don't expect you to head to the office with Swarovski crystals glued to your face anytime soon (although, if you work in an environment where that's welcome, go right ahead), there were plenty of wearable beauty trends from the Spring 2020 shows. Considering getting a bob? Well, you've got all the haircut inspo you need from this season's runways. Just bookmark this link and show it to your hairstylist at your next salon appointment. And while gold was this seasons' hottest (and shiniest) hue, you don't need to glue on a pair of false gold lashes like makeup artist Pat McGrath did at Valentino or wrap your hair in thread like hairstylist Guido did at Alexander McQueen. Simply buy a gold barrette or dust a shimmery gold shadow over your lids to get in on the trend without going over the top.

Keep reading to discover our favourite hair and makeup trends from the Spring 2020 shows. Then be prepared to start taking your beauty game to another level.

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