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Top Spring Hair Colour Trends For 2020 In the UK

Top Hairstylists Share Spring 2020's Coolest Hair Colour Trends to Try When Salons Eventually Reopen

Top Spring Hair Colour Trends For 2020 In the UK
Image Source: Getty / Hanna Lassen

Spring is a time we dust off our floral dresses, give our houses a deep clean, and for a lot of us, think about switching up our hair colour. Traditionally, when people think about spring and summer hair colours, they often envision going lighter, beachier, sun-kissed, perhaps. And while we do love a light (or heavy) dusting of highlights on the approach to warmer weather, there are also plenty of other new and unexpected hues to try for the season.

While no hair colour is ever really "in" or "out" anymore (you should wear your hair however you want it, whenever you want it), we wanted to help anybody out who's looking for some ideas and inspiration.

To get the inside scoop the hottest hair colour trends for spring and summer 2020, we reached out to top London colourists (and two from across the pond) to find out the shades and looks they're feeling right now. They've also shared all the details on how to pull off these trends, including what you should ask your colourist for and examples that you can bookmark and bring with you to your salon appointment (when that time finally comes!).

Many of these shades colourists chose feel quintessentially springtime — wheat blonde, teddy-bear brown, and golden blonde hues with pearlescent glazing. But others couldn't be further from these soft, pretty shades (looking at you, dark, purposefully grown-out roots). There also an option if you just want to keep it simple and add a bit of vibrance back into your hair. But among all of the seven colourists we spoke to, one thing was for sure: chunky '90s highlights are back in a huge way for 2020. Love them or hate them — we've not seen the last of them yet.

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