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Summer in The City Part 1: Budget Gradual Tanners

Fake tan is one product where I generally believe that splashing out for a more expensive brand is definitely worth the money. But summer in the city is all about taking it easy, and looking groomed with minimal effort – so the new crop of gradual fake tans on the high-street are perfect for creating a light wash of colour that looks healthy and youthful.

Johnson's Holiday Skin rocked the nation when it appeared, a few years back, as the first budget gradual self-tanner. I think it's still the best, and Johnson's Holiday Skin Light Glow, (£3.49), has a new fragrance this summer that smells really fresh. This light shade is ideal if you're very pale, as you're less likely to get those tell-tale fake-tan streaks. For the best bargain gradual tanners, plus easy application tips read more

All that pre-fake-tan preparation, like exfoliating and applying moisturiser to dry areas, can be pretty much forgotten. After showering just apply the product all over your body like a moisturiser, though I would be careful about making sure you apply in smooth, even strokes, as even gradual tanners can leave streaks. Although most of the bottles say you can just get dressed after applying, I would leave it a while if you can – just five or ten minutes – to ensure that the colour is even.

This new crop of gradual tanners also means you can avoid that biscuity smell that tends to develop with the colour in most fake tans. The new Spa Paradisa Gradual Self Tan, (£7), has a sweet fragrance of passion fruit and cocoa butter that smells like holidays. Plus the yummy chocolate-smelling, Palmers Natural Bronze Tanning Moisturizer, (£4.99) has that addictive Palmers Cocoa Butter smell that makes me feel like I'm someone's dessert!

I'm going to be bringing you a whole series of Summer in the City tips and tricks, from avoiding a makeup meltdown in the heat, to the best high-factor facial sunscreens. Let me know if there's anything you'd especially like to see...

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