Cassie’s Baby Bump on Euphoria Was Made of “Goop” and Prosthetics

It might've been a medically induced nightmare, but Euphoria's Nate Jacobs sure was dreaming about Cassie Howard carrying his child while he was in the hospital. After a whirlwind New Year's Eve landed Nate covered in blood and knocked out of consciousness by Fezco, the second episode of the dramatic series opened with a wild dream sequence of Cassie pregnant with his baby. The truth about Nate and Cassie's escapades have not yet come to light, but it's clear that their actions are somewhat weighing on Nate during this dream. Of course, Cassie's pregnancy only existed in Jacob Elordi's character's mind, but the prosthetic pregnancy belly was oh-so real.

Following the episode, Sydney Sweeney shared behind-the-scenes photos of what it took to bring that bump to life, and it left us with one question: is this Madame Tussauds or East Highland High School?! "This belly was insane," Sweeney wrote on her Instagram Stories. She shared photos of the entire process, which started with the team making "a full body cast" in order to make the prosthetic belly. Sweeney was covered in multiple layers of "goop," and then had the cast fitted on the top half of her body. "Once dried they cut me out of it! It was basically a wax job removing it," she wrote. "Then they made the belly out of the mould, glue it to me, and paint it."

There is no doubt about it, seeing the process of the prosthetic belly and then seeing how real it looked, truly is "insane." Check out the photos of Sweeney's pregnant stomach coming to life on set of Euphoria ahead.