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7 Tattoo Trends For 2023

7 Tattoo Trends That Will Dominate in 2023

7 Tattoo Trends For 2023

  • It's always a great time to get inspired for a new tattoo design.
  • Popular tattoo trends for 2023 include personalised styles, hand tattoos, and more.
  • We asked the professionals at Astrid & Miyu share their tattoo design ideas worth considering this year.

While everything from the change of the season to celebrating a birthday can have you feeling reflective about the past, chances are you're also probably looking forward to the fresh new energy that comes with ringing in a new personal milestone. One of our favourite ways to undergo a little personal refresh? Finding the best tattoos to add to our collection.

Last year's popular tattoos saw abstract styles and '90s-inspired designs, such as "tramp stamps," on the rise, but in 2023, it will be all about the personal touches when it comes to the best tattoos you should consider. Jewellery brand, Astrid & Miyu, reported a 35 percent increase in tattoo appointments last year, with many customers seeking intimate, personalised designs. "We've been getting requests from our community in regards to personalised tattoo ever since we've started doing tattoos but it wasn't until last year we saw the surge in demand," Jenny Choudhury, tattoo designer at Astrid & Miyu explains.

That said, there are plenty of new tattoo designs that are predicted to be huge in 2023 and worth looking to for the best tattoo ideas. Choudhury and Hannah Grimes, Astrid & Miyu retail services lead, spoke with POPSUGAR about the designs you need to look out for. "Angel numbers and script tattoos became super trendy in 2022 so we thought it'd be fun to offer these in a range of fonts which allows customers to customise their own unique number, word, or initials."

To get you in the mood for summer, the latest Astrid & Miyu summer collection is perfect for those wanting to express their inner-mermaid. Whether you've watched the new "The Little Mermaid" movie or simply love the beach, the treasure collection makes the perfect summer accessory.

Keep reading to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to adding to your collection (or finally find the inspiration for your very first tattoo).

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