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Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara Review

This £7.95 "Vampire Diaries" Mascara's Overtaken Designer Brands to Be My Favourite

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Working in magazines and websites, you're often lucky enough to get sent the odd beauty product. Over the years, thanks to generous beauty editor friends at work and infamous magazine beauty sales, I've been lucky enough to try some of the best and most expensive beauty brands around. Well, I say have been, a lot of it goes to friends and family as I'm quite stuck in my ways (also a bit lazy) when it comes to my beauty routine.

Nevermore have I been stuck happily in a routine than when it comes to mascara. I always think that if you're looking for the best beauty recommendations the key is to ask beauty editors what products they actually buy or regularly finish off. Throughout most of my 17 years as a journalist I've continued to buy the mascara I've always used — Max Factor Masterpiece Max, a great high street buy (usually also on 3 for 2) that over the years I couldn't better, despite trying various other high-end brands when offered them. But, a while back I noticed that the mascara wasn't giving me the same high-intensity build without clump and the tube that used to last me so long the label wore off, was drying out quickly. I fear I had fallen victim to the beauty fan's biggest dread — a formula change. I don't wear much makeup, for me mascara has always been my one favourite items that I've always relied on to freshen up my face quickly (often alone), so I wasn't best pleased.

Since that difficult time, I've tried several different brands, but nothing has hit - including one high-end mascara that shall remain nameless, but cost £40 and I swear dried out about two weeks after I started using it (and I'm a two to three days a week wearer).

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In a rush a couple of weeks back, I pulled out the Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara from a box of beauty bits that had been sent to my house (I know, lucky me). Part of Lottie London's successful collaboration with the noughties show, The "Vampire Diaries" collection wasn't necessarily something I thought would be my bag — the mascara had "Love Sucks" written on the side and I'm 39. And I wasn't expecting much when I saw the narrow, almost bristle-free head of the wand, unlike the usual thicker brushes I'm used to. As I applied the mascara though, I was completely shocked. My lashes were lengthened, thickened, unclumped and looked the best they had in months after a quick coat. Knowing I'd been burned before, I decided to try the mascara for a few weeks in different scenarios until I made a final verdict. Well, the verdict is in and I'm as surprised as you are when I say that this budget mascara, with a limited edition vampire show link, has become the best mascara I've tried in years. And it turns out, when I read the reviews of consumers who've bought the Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara, I wasn't alone. 1,475 people have reviewed the mascara on the Lottie London page, giving an average ranking of 4.3 out of five.

Look, sorry about the close-up, but... lashes.

About the Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara

  • Ultra-lengthening, false lash effect for up to 12 hours.
  • 90% of users reported a lengthening effect immediately after application.
  • "Super precise brush" and a vegan formula.
  • What I Like About the Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara

    I think mascara is one of the most difficult beauty products out there to recommend — everyone has different wants and needs from their mascara. And while it's great to know what those in the know believe to be the best mascara , I think it's a personal quest. That said, I'm going to tell you to give the Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara a go - and at £7.95, what's the harm? For me, the mascara delivered what I look for — and if you're the same it could be for you. It lengthened, a lot - I've got middle-to-long eyelashes and I love the look of a really long lash even for a daytime look. I felt like the lashes were significantly lengthened, but it was when I stood back and looked at pictures of the mascara on just on eye that I really noticed the difference.

    Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara applied to just one eye

    The mascara thickened too, but also separated, so you had loads of really black lashes coming out from the lid. I don't know how, but it never clumped. The formula was thick on the lashes but felt thin enough to smoothly glide out of the tube and onto the lashes. I've also been using the product for a few weeks and it's still going strong — it's not drying or clumping up in the tube. I absolutely did not think the plastic, narrow applicator would work so well, but it really does, better than many bristly brushes I've tried.

    I also like that the mascara allows for different coverage — as I said it gives a good coverage after just one quick coat and makes a noticeable change. But when I took it on a night out-out, I was able to layer up the mascara to achieve a really long and thick look without the product clumping and going spidery. It allows you to add layers, and I've not found that at all to be the case with other brands, where I've often found myself regretting that one last coat.

    The Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara with eyeliner for a night out look

    How to Use the Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara

    Well, I'm not going to teach you any rocket science here, I'm afraid. You pull the wand through your lashes and coat them. The quickness with which I can apply the product without paying too much attention is one of its main draws. But you can make the look even more impactful by going in for another coat and really wiggling the brush at the base of your lashes before pulling the wand through, then use the tip to perfect your outer lashes and give them a bit of extra mascara. The wand makes it really easy to direct the product to where you want it personally.

    What to Consider Before Buying the Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara

    Well, I'm a bit scared that I've found the ideal mascara and that, because it's a limited edition, it could go away. But in actual fact, the formula for the "Vampire Diaries" mascara is the same as the brand's much-loved Superfake Mascara , so I should be able to hold onto my new favourite for even longer. The mascara is only available in black, which will be an issue for some, but I'd argue if you're going for the thick and fake look, you're probably going to be looking for a black option anyway. Oh and, sorry, but the packaging having "The Vampire Diaries" logo and "Love Sucks" written below doesn't really do it for me and is a tiny bit off-putting, but I does make me laugh sometimes, so maybe that's something … I think next time, I'll buy the regular Superfake mascara (though that said, it often runs out of stock, so the "Vampire Diaries" version could be a workaround for fans of the original). Sometimes towards the end of the day, the mascara might flake off a tiny bit - and it's not waterproof, but when it comes to a quick removal at night, that's a bit of a bonus for me.

    Where is the Vampire Diaries x Lottie London Superfake Mascara Available?

    You can buy the mascara on the Lottie London website. You can buy the regular Superfake Mascara on the site too.


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