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Winter Beauty Must Haves

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When it comes to Winter beauty, we're seeking intense hydration and delicious flavours. We've partnered with eos to share our seasonal essentials, including the supersoft shea lip balm we turn to for 24-hour moisture.

Frigid temperatures aside, there are two things we can get behind for Winter: living our best hygge life and building a seasonal beauty routine. What happens when you combine the two? That's the question we recently asked three POPSUGAR editors, and their answers couldn't have been more different. From one editor's cosy night in complete with face masks and candles to another editor's intimate get-together that calls for low-key glamour, these ladies are each turning to different beauty essentials to celebrate the season. No matter what you have planned for Winter, their recommended products will keep you looking and feeling your best through it all. Keep reading to discover their go-to beauty picks, plus the one must have they all have in common. Happy cuddling!