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How to Deal With Money Stress in These Uncertain Times

11 Ways to Help Manage Your Money Anxiety During These Uncertain Times

How to Deal With Money Stress in These Uncertain Times

It's hard to get through the day without hearing those dreaded four words: cost-of-living crisis. It's no secret that, for many of us, our financial situations are getting more difficult as a staggering 89 percent of adults in Britain reported an increase in their cost of living in August 2022.

It can feel overwhelming when news of rising food and petrol prices dominates the headlines, and it's easy to feel powerless. While the new prime minister, Liz Truss, has announced a cap on energy bills from October, there are still millions relying on food banks to get by.

While there's no magic solution, there are ways to manage your money anxiety. In order to not let the worry consume your every thought, consider focusing on your mindset. Of course, this won't take away daily struggles, but there are tips to help you feel more in control of your financial situation. From confronting your bank account to changing the language you use, mindfulness and manifesting coach Melanie Bentley-Moore (@yourcosmiccoach on Instagram) offers some ways that may help to calm your overactive mind and help you channel your money worries into action.

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