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10 Hour Jeff Goldblum ASMR Video

Ever Wanted to Listen to Jeff Goldblum Purr For 10 Hours Straight? Today's Your Lucky Day

Jeff Goldblum is many things, including (but not limited to) a DILF, a flirtatious charmer, a timeless style icon, a great dad, and a sometimes-chef. And now he can add a new title to his list: soothing ASMR coach. The Jurassic Park actor sat down in the recording studio for Vice and recorded a calming audio track for anybody seeking the tingly sensation of autonomous sensory meridian response . . . or who nurses a serious Goldblum crush.

The video is not just 10 hours of Jeff whispering or performing any of the usual ASMR tropes; it's 10 solid hours of his signature purr on a loop, complete with the visual of his contented smile behind a mic. YES, PLEASE!

So whether you're laying down for a midday nap or want some soothing sounds in the background while you work, just press play on the video for 10 hours of audio-visual comfort. We must've done something right to deserve this!

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