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13 Reasons Why Tape Order

13 Reasons Why Is Confusing, So Here's the Order of the Tapes

There's so much that happens in 13 Reasons Why, that it's helpful — and maybe even necessary — to watch it a few times. Because the show jumps back and forth so much, you may have gotten confused about the order in which things actually happen. Each person on Hannah's tapes makes it on there for a very specific reason; one person is on there twice, and Clay, well Clay didn't actually do anything wrong. For clarity's sake, here's the shortlist of who corresponds to which tape, and why.

  1. Justin, for taking the inappropriate picture of her on the slide then letting Bryce spread it around school.
  2. Jessica, for dating Alex and icing her out.
  3. Alex, for ending their friendship in favour of dating Jessica and writing Hannah's name on "the list" at school.
  4. Tyler, for stalking and taking candid pictures of her.
  5. Courtney, for saying that the photo of them kissing is of Hannah and another girl, leading the guys to think she's easy.
  6. Marcus, for trying to sexually assault her in the booth at the diner.
  7. Zach, for stealing the compliments and throwing away the note she had written him. (He doesn't actually throw it away, but Hannah doesn't realise that.)
  8. Ryan, for publishing her very personal poem in the school's literary magazine.
  9. Sheri, for knocking down the stop sign, which leads to Jeff's death.
  10. Justin, for letting rapist Bryce into Jessica's room while she's passed out drunk.
  11. Clay, just because she feels like she needs to explain things to him.
  12. Bryce, for raping her in the hot tub.
  13. Mr. Porter, for not helping her pursue her rapist, even though she didn't want to divulge his name at the time.
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