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Alex Rodriguez on Jennifer Lopez's Song "El Anillo"

Is Alex Rodriguez Feeling Pressured by J Lo's Song About "the Ring"? We're Guessing "Nah"

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are one of the cutest celebrity couples in the game right now. They've got the red carpet poses down to perfection and their kids are just as obsessed with each other as we are with them. As for what the future holds, it seems like J Lo is dropping some hints through her music with her new song "El Anillo," which translates to "the ring." During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the former baseball player said he could connect the dots when he heard the song for the first time.

Of course, the host asked Alex if he was "thinking about it," which he has to be, I mean, it's J Lo! "When it happens, Jimmy, you'll be the first to know," he quipped. Watch the clip above to see Alex talk about J Lo's new song, and even admit that she did his makeup before the late-night show.

Just one day prior, J Lo sat on the same couch on Jimmy's show when she said Alex should feel "no pressure" about the song, but she's not going to lie, it's totally about popping the question! "The song is definitely about that, it is," she said. "But I felt like it's something that all women get to a point where they say, 'OK, what's up?'" Your move, Alex!

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