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Alexis Arquette in The Wedding Singer

We'll Never Forget Alexis Arquette Simply Because of This 1 Role

Alexis Arquette died at age 47 on Sunday, and while she was known for her famous family (her brother is David Arquette, her sisters are Patricia and Rosanna Arquette), she was a fiercely talented actress in her own right. Alexis had 70 film and TV credits to her name, including Pulp Fiction, She's All That, and Friends. However, when I think of Alexis Arquette, there's one film that pops into my mind: 1998's The Wedding Singer. She played Robbie's (Adam Sandler) eccentric backup singer, George. No one could have played that part like she did, and her presence elevated that romantic comedy to a whole new level. Watch her shining moment, a gloriously unique version of Culture Club's "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me," above. It's impossible not to appreciate her genius.


She made such an impact in this role that Boy George himself spoke out about her death on Sunday.

We'd like to hope our girl Ellen Albertini Dow (aka Rosie) is looking after her. Rest in peace, Alexis.

Image Source: New Line Cinema
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