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Is Alien Covenant Scary?

Get Ready, Because Alien: Covenant Is a Gory Scream-Fest

Nearly 40 years after Alien first hit cinemas in 1979, it seems we haven't yet reached the pinnacle of extraterrestrial terror in space. This month marks the release of Alien: Covenant, the latest in the prequel series that has effectively resurrected Ridley Scott's iconic franchise. There's a lot to prepare for if you're planning on seeing this film — specifically another film studio attempt at LGBTQ inclusion and a very strange scene with Michael Fassbender — but one question that may be on your mind is probably the simplest of them all: Is it scary?

It's not a dumb question. Prometheus, though quite the thriller, clearly steered away from the horror genre in favour of a more action-packed (and slightly philosophical) approach. Having seen the Covenant, we're here to let you know that the franchise is going right back to Alien's terrifying roots. If the bloody trailer wasn't enough to give you an idea of how scary (and gory) things are going to get, we'll paint a more vivid picture for you. Spoilers follow!

Let's first take a second to talk about the blood levels. This is one of the franchise's more gory entries. Things get a pretty quick start when two of the crew members are accidentally infected with spores, just after the crew has touched down on the planet. We then meet a different kind of creature called a Neomorph. They're kind of like the iconic Xenomorph monsters, but they're paler and not quite as limb-y. They rip out of the backs of the infected crew members, and all hell breaks loose. One kills two of the crew members on the little explorer ship, and also causes it to explode, leaving everyone stranded. The other kills an additional three or four crew members with sheer violence alone.

From there, the deaths only get more grisly. One Neomorph literally goes straight for the jugular and rips of its victim's head. Another crew member gets a classic attack from a Facehugger, and gets the whole "alien bursting out of his chest" treatment. Another gets completely ripped apart. Someone else gets impaled through the throat by one of the monster's second mouths. There are probably a few deaths that I'm missing off the top of my head, but I mean, you get the picture.

In terms of actual scariness, the film is off the charts here too. The sequences where the monsters wreak havoc make your heart pound, and the creepiness of Michael Fassbender's villainous android David is enough to make your skin crawl. There are also a few moments of tension, where you know an alien is just about to jump out and you can't help but grip your arm rest. Overall, this film's going to have you at the edge of your seat, especially if you're a wimp. And even if you think you tolerate horror pretty well, this one still might get to you.

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