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American Horror Story Season 1 References Roanoke

They Had a Full-On Conversation About Roanoke on American Horror Story's First Season

American Horror Story's new theme seems to have caught everyone off guard, which means we all forgot about one very important scene from the first season. In episode 11, "Birth," Violet (Taissa Farmiga) gets some advice from Billie Dean (Sarah Paulson) about the ghosts living in her house. Billie Dean proceeds to tell the entire story of Roanoke's Lost Colony, but it's a little different than the recorded version. As she tells it, all 117 colony members died inexplicably, but their spirits remained and haunted local Native American tribes. The ghosts senselessly murdered people, until the elder cursed the ghosts, banishing them with a single word: "Croatoan." Even the imagery in the flashbacks is just like the scenes from this season's preview.

We spoke with Jamie Brewer at the Emmys, and even she hinted that we should have seen this coming. "The name 'Roanoke' is brought in [in the premiere], and we all know that we've heard the name 'Roanoke' and 'Croatoan' in the first season, Murder House, that Sarah Pualson brings up."

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