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Anna Friel On The Cover Of The June 2008 Issue Of InStyle Magazine

Anna's On Our Screens And InStyle

It's been wonderful to have lovely Anna Friel has been back on our TV screens for a few weeks now in Pushing Daisies, and she's also shown up on the front cover of InStyle magazine this month. Here's a few highlights from her interview:

  • On being happily unwed to David Thewlis, father of Gracie: "It just seems to work as it is right now and there doesn't seem any point. If he'd have said he wanted to marry me, maybe I'd have said yes, but I don't know if we're both marriage-phobes."
  • On motherhood: "When you're a mother, life just changes. [Gracie is] the most loving child ever. I just tell her how beautiful and lovely she is and how much Mummy loves her."
  • On her fitness routine:"[My personal trainer] comes Saturdays and Sundays and once or twice in the week, and he makes me run. I hate running. We go from my house all the way to the bottom of the hill, then fast walk up with weights in my hands pushing up, looking like a prize idiot."

To read the rest of this fab and interesting interview with gorgeous Anna, then be sure to pick up June's InStyle magazine, out now.

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