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The Avengers Cast Hilariously Calls Out Their Real-Life Roles in the Group

When the Avengers cast sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, the stars answered questions about themselves, calling out their different real-life roles in the group. At one point, Jimmy asked Robert Downey Jr. if he considers himself to be the leader of the group, and he joked, "If you say so," before adding, "No! We're a team!" The host also asked who's in charge of brunch and who is the after-hours "social director" among them. The cast agreed that Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner are definitely the ones who like to go out, and Robert jokingly called Jeremy the "lord of the underworld," saying, "Pluto rules the underworld, and that's what it's like if you go out with him." Watch the hilarious clip above, then see what Chris Evans told us about the film.

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