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Batman v Superman Deleted Scene | Video

Watch the Cool (but Confusing) Deleted Scene From Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros. gave fans of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a special treat on Monday when they shared an interesting deleted scene from the game-changing new film months ahead of its DVD release. The clip is titled "Communion," and in it we see Lex Luthor working in the crashed Kryptonian ship where he's creating Doomsday, while a whole bunch of soldiers race to apprehend him. What's really strange is the creature standing before Luthor. Whatever (or whomever) it is, it appears to be holding three stone Mother Boxes, which may play a part in the creation of Victor Stone, aka Cyborg. Although it's unclear whether this creature will show up in the Justice League films, we do know that Superman will probably be there. Watch the clip above!

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